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5 reviews for Hair Growth Oil

  1. John Coleman

    I purchased the CGA Hair growth oil three months ago along with their Rosewater and I can say that the product is amazing because it works with my hair growth so well. I follow their instructions well and use both products together and I can see amazing results. I am going to stick with the CGA Hair product from now on because everything is natural.

  2. Karvin B. Roberts

    Firstly, the hair growth oil is amazing. It is made from natural ingredients, which is a big plus for me. It has a pleasant scent and is easy to apply. I have noticed a significant difference in the health of my hair since I started using this product. My hair is stronger, less prone to breakage, and has a noticeable increase in growth.

  3. Joe Kenneth

    The beard oil is great especially after a 3 months period the results were amazing.

  4. Emmanuel Reeves

    I’m from Africa, Liberia and I’ve been using the hair growth hair for the last five months and it has work so perfectly for me and since then I’ve recommended so many people to use CGA Hair products.

  5. munir

    the product is good

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