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5 reviews for Rose Water 2oz

  1. Caesar Sampaio

    made from the most natural ingredients.. the best feel on the skin after application. Best beard product out there..

  2. Shadrach Washington

    Excellent product with reasonable pricing. Remarkable results after 6 months of application.

  3. Julyn Smythe

    These product are amazing! My family and I have using it and we’ve seen so much growth. I highly recommend CGA Products.They feel really good on the scalp.

  4. Evelyn Dennis

    The Rose water makes my husband beards soft and clean and it’s helps with his beard growth. I will buy again. CGA products are amazing and natural.

  5. Emmanuel Reeves

    The product is good, hair refreshing and nourishing. I highly recommend this package for those who are struggling with hair growth, hair loss, dry hair and dry dandruff.

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